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Item # 10-A10240, International Voltage Market and Usage

List Price $689.00

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The HotSpot portable 50 joule TC welder allows thermocouple wire to be formed into freestanding bead or butt welded junctions, or to be directly welded to a metal surface.

This unit will do wire size of 20 gauge or finer ( T type 24 gauge or finer

Specifications  · Size  · Controls, Indicators, and Overload Protection  · Components Included  · Quick Action  · Economical  · Easy-to-Use  · Flexible  · HOTSPOT Users


Product Type

Thermocouple Welders

Voltage Rating

240 V


6.25 lbs

Stored Weld Energy

5 to 50 watt/sec

Wire Gauge

Welds wire pairs of #24 gauge or finer (#20 for J, K & E)

Cycle Time

Can perform 5 to 10 welds per minute, depending on energy setting.


Provides energy adjustment control, and visual and audio indication of weld charge cycle completion.


Will operate from either AC lines or self-charging internal battery. Will perform several hundred welds on charged battery. 120 VAC 60 Hz line power (220 VAC 50 Hz optional)



3.25 inches


6 inches


6.25 inches

Controls, Indicators, and Overload Protection
The power level available for welding is set by the position of the front of the control knob. This control also functions as the on/off switch. The knob is calibrated in Watt seconds or Joules. The maximum available power is approximately 50-Watt seconds. The control actually regulates the voltage to which the energy storage capacitor is charged. The stored energy is proportional to the square of the voltage, and the voltage can be varied between 15V and 80V. Increasing the setting of the control knob will cause the capacitor to be charged to the higher level. However, decreasing the setting will not reduce the value already stored, so a welding cycle will always release an energy pulse equal to the highest setting since last recent discharge.

When the internal circuitry has charged the energy storage capacitor to the level set by the control knob, the front panel LED and internal sounder are activated. These inform the operator that the unit is ready for another cycle. The sounder also helps to conserve battery energy during portable operation by reminding the operator that the welder had been left on.

A circuit breaker protects against overloads. The circuit breaker opens the low voltage AC/DC supply if excessive current is being drawn. A 1/4 Amp fuse mounted on the internal circuit board is in series with the AC power cord.

Components Included
  1. HotSpot Welder
  2. Standard 6 " Wire Holding Pliers
  3. Rechargeable Battery
  4. Eye Shielding Protective Goggles
  5. Grounding Magnet
  6. Carbon Block
  7. Instruction Booklet

Quick Action
Give up waiting for ready made thermocouple junctions, and fabricate your own with the Hot Spot welder. It's much faster than gas welding and produces a more reliable contact than mechanical twisting or clamping. The Hot Spot is so small and portable that you can use it right where you want it. And it forms and attaches junctions in one step.

Not only do you save the time of waiting for prefabricated couples, but you reduce costs by forming junctions from standard thermocouple wire. You also save the cost and effort of using clamps, brackets, glue, and other sensor mounting means

You don't have to be a welder to be a success with the HotSpot. After a little experimenting to zero-in on the best energy settings and positioning techniques for the wire type and size being used, the inexperienced operator will quickly be producing satisfactory welds

Adjustable weld power output matches the varying requirements of the thermocouple materials and wire gauges. Make butt welds, and third party or free standing junctions, all with the same device.

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